Drone Security Surveillance

Drone Security & UAV Surveillance | How Technology Can Mitigate Security Blind Spots

Whether you’re monitoring a large event, a protest, or even an individual; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can provide your team with the overview they need to maintain control. Our UAV monitoring systems provide a number of benefits to users focused on public safety and civil security.  As the industry looks for a cost-effective ways to close gaps in surveillance, security solutions providers and integrators are finding answers in technology.  SVT has been recognized for their security drones, to directly address challenges facing commercial and residential security clients — directly impacting and optimizing the security and surveillance industry.

SVT Introduces Autonomous Drone Technology to the Security and Surveillance Business in New Orleans

Drone surveillance offers immediate perception into security and emergency circumstances for improved situational awareness, accurate intelligence collecting, and well-informed decision-making.  Drones can frequently inspect objects that may be out of reach and can gain a first-person view that photographers normally don’t get because of their small size, ability to fly, and capacity to survive severe settings. Law enforcement now frequently employs security drones that are fitted with live video cameras, infrared cameras, thermal sensors, and radar.

Technology that helps protect your people, property, and assets

Security Drone for Home Protection

Security Video Technology drone solutions provides one guard increased security awareness with a fleet of drones to cover more ground. Security guards are often limited to observing and reporting incidents, preventing them from engaging in events or taking proactive security actions. In the event of an emergency where a guard must evacuate along with the rest of the occupants, a drone can remain indoors and investigate on behalf of the security officers and first responders without risking human life or injury. Drones in commercial security or residential applications allow users to surveil their surroundings in real time and can see virtually all areas a human could see with the added benefit of recording the experience for forensic purposes.

Security Video Technology (SVT) is a nationwide security solutions contractor and security surveillance integrator. We are based out of the greater New Orleans area and service clients primarily along the Gulf Coast Region: Mobile, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Gulf Port, and Biloxi.

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