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CCTV Crime Cameras

CCTV is a proven crime fighting tool. Without CCTV surveillance camera footage the Muslim terrorist in the September 11, 2001 world trade center plane bombings would have never been identified!! Knowing that there is an extra set of eyes watching helps to reassure people in New Orleans that they will be safe.


Crime and Christmas

Well it’s another year in the books !! Let’s talk about the future of COVID19 Thermal sensing cameras.


Wireless CCTV | Commercial and Industrial CCTV Contractor New Orleans

Wireless technology is developing at a fast pace, but there are problems with it that you might not know about. Wireless CCTV security video can be hacked into by another receiver very easy plus it has poor picture quality. You’ll need to look at a lot factors before you put in place a wireless CCTV security video system, so check out the drawbacks of a wireless connection.


CCTV Camera Lens Options

Choosing The Best Lens on Security Video Surveillance Camera – Variable focal length cameras are becoming more commonly available. The SVT security cameras that have a zoom lens are usually housed in a weatherproof housing for outdoor use.


Infrared CCTV Technology

Infrared cameras have IR lens positioned around outer edges. Learn about Thermal Sensing CCTV cameras Texas.


Shoplifting for Christmas Retail CCTV

Every year the Center for Retail Research provides a Christmas estimate of retail’s likely losses from retail crime in the Christmas season. We define Christmas as the six week period from mid-November to the end of December.


Suicide Drones – not a dream – a reality

What about if a Drone aka UAV was designed to cause harm? Suicide Drones yes sounds crazy but what if? Yes a Drone can be outfitted to carry bombs or gas fly into a crowd or large parade.

New Orleans CCTV Cameras

CCTV Surveillance for Secure and Smart Cities | CCTV

Data visualization, real-time collaboration, and credible analytics can help agencies monitor city areas, predict and respond more effectively to incidents, streamline information sharing and collaboration in the management of major events and emergencies.