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CCTV Security Camera Installation In New Orleans, LA And The Gulf Coast Region

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Searching for a security system installers near me?  Security Video Technology is the leading integrator and installer of video surveillance and security systems in the greater New Orleans, LA area.  CCTV camera security surveillance systems reduces business liability and detects questionable activity. Frequently, the security system integrator with the lowest bid gets the job and the  resulting surveillance system is inadequate to today’s standards. In layman terms, you end up with a worthless security video surveillance system where the video surveillance footage in blurry, not HD, or 4K video quality.  Substandard security surveillance equipment leaves you, your business, or home exposed and without protection. A Security Surveillance system is only as good as the design, engineering, and hardware of the system.

At Security Video Technology, our mission is to protect your business and homes with the latest, advanced technology.  We use the highest quality hardware for our installs.  Businesses and homes are outfitted with Sony Professional Pro Maxx Equipment.  Our skilled professionals who understand the importance of security spending take great pride in our video surveillance installations.  We’re passionate about delivering excellent customer service and doing what we say we’ll do—when we say we’ll do it.

Security Video Technology (SVT) is a nationwide security solutions contractor and security surveillance integrator. We are based out of the greater New Orleans area and service clients primarily along the Gulf Coast Region: Mobile, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Gulf Port, and Biloxi.

CCTV Security Camera Video Surveillance Installation In New Orleans

Do you have DVR and cameras, with no one to install them? We have the solution. Instead of just selling our DVR and CCTV systems, we also provide professional installation!


Do you already have a security camera system, but not satisfied with the quality? Do you already have cameras on your system, but want new cameras that have professional grade resolution?


Do you want a new configuration for your DVR and CCTV cameras? What happens when the cameras begin to lose focus? Not to fear! We do maintenance too! At SVT!  Contact Us Today

Video Surveillance Enterprise Grade CCTV Camera Systems & Hardware

The parts & systems we use are from well known manufactures who have been in business for many years with the highest quality professional products.  We want all our business and residential security system clients to have the best quality in  their CCTV system.  This means high resolution 4k security cameras for HD video footage.  It’s critical to have a crisp clear video to protect your business and home.  That’s what at SVT we quote prices with a reasonable and limited profit. That is one of the many reasons that keeps us growing in the New Orleans CCTV system installation business. We also carry famous brand name products for our customer specific needs.  With over 20 years of experience in video surveillance, Security Video Technology guarantees your security integration or installation will be done right.

Video Security Technology – Home Security System Sales & Installation

With the advancement of the technology cameras and other electronic devices, in home security system installations have become very common.  home security system cameras are not all the same and it’s important to partner with a professional Video Surveillance Company when protection your most valuable assets.

What To Consider Before You Get a Home Security System

  • Crime is always on the rise, no one wishes to be left out of any possible protection. People may choose Home Security Surveillance for many reasons. Here are five of the top reasons for you to have one for your own house.
  • Most people are afraid of being robbed or even car jacked in their own driveways.  Even worse home invasion occur over 1 million times a year and a stagging 75% of homes in the U.S. will be broken into in the next 20 years (Forbes, 2022)
  • A home surveillance system will be the perfect answer to such worries.
  • You can visualize the front door, back door and all entry points from the comfort of your Smart Phone or PC device. The secure feeling you get from such a system is priceless.
  • Law enforcement agencies will trace the culprits using your videos.
  • In order to secure your house or place of business, Home Security Surveillance are crucial. These systems can be as complex as alarm systems that alert law enforcement at the first indication of trouble or as simple as wireless home security cameras. Intruders may be discouraged from breaking in if security cameras are present, and covert cameras may provide covert protection.
  • The appropriate equipment can provide the essential security, whether you want to monitor workers at neighboring facilities or record every person who comes to your front door.
CCTV Security Cameras In New Orleans