Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control Systems

Today’s electronic access control systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors and gates. Your business needs a security solution that can give you the control and information to run more efficiently while providing a safe work environment for your employees. SVT’s electronic Intelligent access control systems can help ensure that only the right people have access to your business and also create a smart management tool. The proactive security and management features of electronic access control can benefit any business. No matter the size or commerce, keeping important data inside and threats outside of your company are critical for your business and the growth of it. Electronic Access Control is just as important to your bottom line as it is to your security.

Security Access Controls Card Reader At Door

SVT has embraced advanced technology. We are Software House C-CURE 9000 certification experts. We have highly experienced in artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms and robust cyber security protocols using encrypted door controllers, for example, and state of the art biometrics, such as retina and fingerprint scans, that identify users with unique physical characteristics. Many of SVT access control solutions include remote monitoring, making security much more convenient to manage. Finally, our access control solutions can be integrated with the security surveillance systems to make your job of ensuring safety and security easier and more effective. At Security Video Technology security surveillance and security solutions is our world.

A safe working environment is vital for you as a business owner, your employees, and as well as your patrons. With the advanced state of the art security surveillance and security solutions, it gives you more control in running a smooth business operation where your employees and staff are bound to feel valued and assured that they are in good, secure hands.

SVT’s Security Access Controls

Security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. If you work with confidential information or expensive equipment, protecting your business’s assets is essential to success. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, a SVT access control system can allow or deny access and let your employees go where they need to go.  An SVT access control system can make life easier for your employees, save you money and keep your workplace secure.

Electronic access control comes with remote access management features which gives you the flexibility to oversee security while having more time to focus on running your business. You’re always one step ahead with its proactive security alerts function. Moreover, you can coordinate with your security team to validate the safety of your employees and valued customers at any convenient time for you.  Regardless of the size of your business, whether you’re a large organization with 1000’s of employees or a budding start-up, its critical to have a security surveillance system and security solutions for physical and digital assets.  One breach can halt the growth and development of your business.  It’s vital to keep a hardened facility for both your physical and digital assets.

How Access Control Works in Security

At the core of Electronic Access Control systems are electronic credentials, such as keycards, fobs, or biometric identifiers like fingerprints or retina scans. These credentials are assigned to authorized individuals or groups within an organization and grant them specific levels of access based on predetermined permissions.

The components of an Electronic Access Control system typically include:

Access Control Panel: The central hub that manages and controls access to various entry points. It processes authentication requests, validates credentials, and communicates with other system components.

Credential Readers: Devices installed at entry points that read electronic credentials presented by users. These readers may support different technologies such as proximity cards, smart cards, biometric scanners, or keypad entry.

Locking Mechanisms: Electric locks or door strikes that are electronically controlled and can be triggered by the access control panel to grant or deny access.

Credentials Management Software: Software applications that enable administrators to enroll, modify, and deactivate electronic credentials, as well as define access policies and permissions for different user groups.

Monitoring and Reporting Tools: Systems for tracking access events in real-time, generating reports, and providing audit trails for security purposes. These tools help administrators identify anomalies, enforce compliance, and investigate security incidents.

Electronic Access Control systems offer several key benefits:

Enhanced Security: By replacing traditional locks and keys with electronic credentials, access control systems significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, theft, and tampering.

Flexibility and Scalability: Administrators can easily add or remove users, adjust access levels, and expand the system to accommodate changes in organizational needs or infrastructure.

Integration with Other Systems: Access control systems can integrate with video surveillance, alarm systems, and building automation systems, providing a comprehensive security ecosystem.

Improved Accountability: Detailed access logs and reporting capabilities enable organizations to track user activities, enforce compliance with security policies, and investigate security breaches or incidents.

Overall, Electronic Access Control systems are essential components of modern security infrastructure, offering a reliable and efficient means of protecting assets, resources, and personnel from unauthorized access and intrusions.

Example:  An employee who wants to enter an access controlled location presents their credentials. Credentials could be physical, such as an access control key card, or digital, such as information on a mobile device, finger print or biometric. A person makes an unlock request at a card reader, which then sends the information, then authorizes the user and triggers the door to unlock.

Electronic Access Control Systems

  • Track, record, and deter access throughout your organization
  • Provide auditing and employee time and attendance features
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Provide a safer working environment and customer or client environment
  • Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves
  • Remotely administer and control access immediately to even thousands

Electronic Access Control Systems Solutions

  • Web-based, multi-site access control solutions
  • PC-based, small to mid-sized solutions
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Access control cards and readers
  • Photo I.D. badge deters fraudulent or misuse of access
  • Biometrics of different locations networked together through telecommunication technology
  • Single door edge devices