Thermal Imaging Cameras

Temperature Sensing Technology - Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

With COVID-19 being one of our most concerning issues up to date, establishments are on the lookout for a reliable technology that can ensure the safety of both the working environment and public spaces where consumers usually go to such as schools, government offices, banks, and restaurants. As physical distancing becomes a vital part of the new normal we are living in, technological tools such as Thermal Imaging Solutions and Thermal Imaging Temperature CCTV Cameras are just some of the future’s bet when it comes to making the place we’re walking in a safer one.

How Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Keep You Safe

With the thousands of people that enter establishments daily, the SVT Thermal Solutions become an essential tool in capturing the body temperatures of anyone who’s coming in and out of establishments, considering that there are hundreds or possibly even thousands of people passing through. It promotes preventive safety measures against the spread of the virus.

The SVT Thermal Solution Technology takes pride in its capability of presenting a more accurate temperature and is more time-efficient in contrast to what a forehead thermometer can do in a fast-paced environment. Moreover, Thermal Solution Technology lessens the chances of cross-infection because it is non-contact.

Keeping efficiency and accuracy in mind when we crafted this product, it is designed to only take about three seconds in measuring the temperature of the thousands of people coming by.

In contrast, tools like a forehead thermometer are simply not as effective as this equipment. Sure they work, but in a time like this, we have no room for error. With the use of SVT Thermal Solution technology, process time and accuracy are greatly improved and can prevent the spread of cross-infection due to non-contact parameters.

For example, in order to measure 5,000 individuals using a forehead thermometer, that will take 5 hours or more. Whereas using this technology, it would take about three seconds to measure each person. Efficiency and accuracy is the intention behind this technology and we as business owners have the power to integrate these processes into this new world.  Contact Us To Learn More.

How To Know When You Need  A Thermal Imaging CCTV Camera System

For the Security Surveillance Industry. Thermal imaging CCTV cameras allows for superior monitoring in areas of poor lighting to total darkness. All objects emit thermal radiation and a thermal camera can use the radiation to create a visual scene in complete darkness to monitor and secure your premise. Thermal Imaging cameras can also provide surveillance in the condition of smoke, light fog, light rain, and even light snow. Since the camera views events through the thermal spectrum, the images from day and night are nearly identical making the thermal imaging camera a true 24-hour surveillance device. They also can detect Guns or Weapons along busy streets to help with Crime Fighting.

Shootings in U.S. schools have grabbed attention throughout the past few years. And they seem to be happening more and more frequently. On average, there has been one shooting that has killed or injured someone at a school each week this year. A key to limiting such events, some people argue, is keeping concealed guns out of schools. Using Modern Thermal Imaging Cameras we now developed a system to reveal hidden firearms.