Fiber Optic Technology

Fiber Optic Technology | Security Surveillance Company

In an organization like ours at SVT, we take pride in being your security surveillance fiber optics specialists.  We at SVT are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge when it comes to installing security and surveillance systems with our top of the line products to protect your assets. We understand how overwhelming it can be to optimize security spending, asset management and finding a trusted vendor for security installation and maintenance.  With over 25 years of experience, our team will design and engineer the perfect security solution. SVT is your surveillance security fiber optic specialists. We understand your applications regardless of the size from simple security solutions to High Complex designs such as Casinos with over 6000 CCTV cameras. We have a wide range of cutting edge equipment designed especially for the CCTV security industry. SVT has a strong base of knowledge and engineering support in the fiber optic world. SVT can help designing and servicing your surveillance security fiber-optic system.

Why SVT – Top-of-the-line tools & technicians – system can be certified to function at the highest security industry standards

SVT is Fluke Network certified so we can troubleshoot, and maintain fiber optic cabling with the best testing equipment available. We perform enterprise fiber troubleshooting along with maintenance of fiber cabling infrastructure. SVT can test all access points plus identify network problems and security issues.

Moreover, we also take care of all the servicing needs of surveillance security-based fiber-optic systems.

Dating back to the year 1970, the first commercially low-loss optical fiber was brought to existence by Corning. Fast forward to the present times, Corning retains his position as the top fiber optic industry global market leader. This remarkable innovation has led to massive changes to the fiber industry, whereas as of this date, over 1.5 billion kilometers of fiber have been installed all over the world, helping tons of people. Because of their impressive innovation and product quality, the world has been connected in a flash of lightning speed.

We at SVT are proud to share that we are Fluke Network certified, as such, we can assure you that we are capable of troubleshooting and maintaining your fiber optic system may encounter. From routine maintenance of your cabling infrastructure up to diagnosing network and security issues, we’ve got you covered as we create a more efficient and systematic method of catering to your needs.

Typical Applications

  • Government / Military Base Security / Surveillance
  • Hospital / Corporate Security / Surveillance
  • Hotel / Casino Security / Surveillance
  • Airport Security / Surveillance
  • Policing and Prison Facilities
  • Traffic Analyses / Monitoring