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May 22, 2023by George

Commercial Wireless CCTV Solutions

CCTV security surveillance systems are designed to keep you safe and protect your business.  Wireless technology is developing at a fast pace, but there are problems with it that you might not know about. Wireless CCTV security video can be hacked into by another receiver very easy plus it has poor picture quality. You’ll need to look at a lot factors before you put in place a wireless CCTV security video system, so check out the drawbacks of a wireless connection.

Understanding how a wireless system works will let you understand in a much clearer way the problems that you might encounter with it. You need to know exactly what the issues are because security video is a serious matter for your home or business. The whole point of having a CCTV security video system is to keep you and the ones you love safe at home, and it’s just as important too for your business and customers safety.

Wireless CCTV Range

Wireless has certain ranges that must be considered too. Because a camera that has wireless capabilities, you need to know that the transmitter inside the camera has to send signals to a receiver at another location. You’ll have to have it connected to some other type of equipment to view the pictures, such as a TV or video recorder. The problem you might find is that if there are any obstructions, it’ll weaken the signal, and you won’t be able to view what it captures. At times though the signal will be enough to catch blurry images and jumpy screen shots of what’s being transmitted.

There are other issues too such as interference from other electrical sources in and around your home or business. Signals are set on the same frequencies, so you’ll run into problems with phone, garage doors, two-way radios and even lighting sources. Even if you clear up the issues within your range, a next door business, or another home owners phone, will limit or even cut out, your desired security cameras transmission to the receiver it needs to work. Don’t forget either that you’ll have to work around any permanent objects in the way of transmission too, such as trees or utility poles for a home or business security camera.

Wireless is viable if there’s no other option but most wireless systems are on the 2.4 GHz frequency band which is crowded with tons of other devices ranging from wireless PCs to cordless phones. This makes for possible interference with the reception of the video signal. Weather events such as rain, snow, and even wind can wreak havoc with wireless signals. Terrain features such as hills, buildings, and walls can reduce signal strength. Limited focal length lenses availability plus the wireless cameras only offer them with a standard wide angle lens. If you want a varifocal ,PTZ or longer focal length lens, you may be out of luck. Anyone with a 2.4 GHz video receiver can possibly pick up your video signal from that wireless CCTV security camera. The manufacturers don’t really have a standardized encryption for most consumer wireless security cameras.

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