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May 22, 2023by George

Real Time CCTV surveillance systems

Security Video Technology is at the forefront of the Surveillance industry. The need to protect your business is very important. All business are effected with the economic slowdown, current recession, unemployment rising and wages falling, these are some unpleasant facts we must face. These include higher rates of violent crimes, burglaries, robberies, home invasions, fraud, theft, shoplifting, as well as employee theft.

As businesses layoff employees, they lose additional “eyes” making them more vulnerable to inventory shrinkage at a cost of 7%-27% of gross sales, while the option of having full-time security personnel at $1500 – $2,500 per week is just not feasible. Homeowners are now more vulnerable than ever before. Home Invasions are on the Rise!! Let’s not fool ourselves, as home and business owners we are not immune from being the next victim.

We at SVT are confident you will find state-of-the-art REAL TIME CCTV surveillance systems with excellent, pricing professional installation along with technical support. Please feel free to explore our site and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. At SVT we only install Real Time DVR systems that work not some cheap Sam’s Club/Wal Mart low quality equipment. We promise a Return-On-Investment ranging between 2-6 weeks. At SVT we specialize in designing real time CCTV systems custom tailored to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs. So whether you are a small business owner, or Homeland Security Military SVT has cost-effective solutions for your loss prevention and surveillance needs. Any questions please Call us today!

Real Time CCTV Surveillance Technology

CCTV Surveillance Technology is now being used in many different ways. For example, it is used to monitor traffic, to watch over a large public area, and to protect a business facility.

Real-time CCTV Surveillance technology has improved dramatically in recent years. The cameras are now smaller and can be hidden easily, yet they still offer high-quality images. They are also very affordable.

This technology is used by businesses and other organizations to watch what is happening in and around their facility. The images can be monitored by security personnel who can then take action if necessary.

The cameras can be used to watch the entrance and exit to a facility, to watch the parking lot, to watch the production line, and to watch the office area. They can also be used to watch the staff and customers.

The images can be recorded and kept as evidence if necessary. The technology can also be used to monitor traffic flow and to help with traffic control.

The benefits of using Real-time CCTV Surveillance technology include:

1. Increased security.

2. Reduced crime.

3. Reduction in lost or stolen property.

4. Reduced insurance premiums.

5. Easier identification of criminals.

6. Assist in the prosecution of criminals.


As Real Time CCTV Surveillance Technology becomes more affordable and prevalent, the line between public and private spaces continues to blur. While the technology offers a number of benefits for both businesses and private citizens, it also raises a number of privacy concerns. With no standardized laws or regulations in place, it is up to each individual to decide how much privacy they are willing to surrender in order to take advantage of the security benefits offered by Real Time CCTV Surveillance Technology.

To learn more or book a free consult, contact Security Video Technology (SVT) today. We are a nationwide security solutions contractor and security surveillance integrator. Security Video Technology (SVT) is a nationwide security solutions contractor and security surveillance integrator. We are based out of the greater New Orleans area and service clients primarily along the Gulf Coast Region: Mobile, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Gulf Port, and Biloxi.