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May 22, 2023by George

CCTV Surveillance for Secure and Smart Cities

Data visualization, real-time collaboration, credible analytics.  SVT has been working on the future of CCTV Surveillance. It was at one time that the Casino industry had the most Super Duper High Tech CCTV Surveillance Systems. Not anymore. The concept of what constitutes a “secured city” has been converging with other urban drivers. The goal is to highlight what law enforcement agencies and others in the public safety sector needed to know to create new and smarter solutions to ensure municipal security, including ways to harness information to better understand situations, how to respond faster to threats and maximize the use of video surveillance.

Data visualization, real-time collaboration, and credible analytics can help agencies monitor city areas, predict and respond more effectively to incidents, streamline information sharing and collaboration in the management of major events and emergencies.

As cities work with the private sector to gradually implement new competencies and technologies, the increased information-sharing and unified communication efforts are helping them to establish solutions that help identify successful outcomes and assists in developing preventive tactics. For example, a visible light, position-able camera, plus a thermal imaging camera on a private company’s rooftop would feed data and incident awareness for law enforcement, detection of individuals in a crowd for Fire and EMS responders, and tactical data like ballistic detection trajectory for SWAT if needed in a active shooter situation.

Modern day CCTV City Surveillance is the Future as a Force Multiplier for Public Safety.

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