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January 1, 2023by George

Some may think the 5MP security camera as overkill. Well its NOT!

The human face and license plate recognition requires extremely high resolution and a good angle to catch them. 5MP security cameras provide you the best possibility to get what you need.  If your business suffered from slip and fall, arm robbery, break-ins or thefts. The business needs a CCTV system that WORKS!!!!! without the camera footage its a useless CCTV system? What’s the point of having a security camera if it tells you nothing?

  • Generally, you’ll need at least 1080p resolution to identify the plate number and people day and night, and the better resolution, the better clarity.
  • SVT has the industry experience to design a Proven CCTV system that Work
  • From Grocery store Supermarkets to Casinos we have the experience to design and engineer a proven CCTV system.

5MP SVT CCTV Cameras | What are 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras?

5MP SVT CCTV Cameras are high resolution CCTV cameras that are perfect for capturing high quality images and video footage. They are a great choice for use in a wide range of security applications, and offer a number of advantages over traditional CCTV cameras.

How do 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras Work?

5MP SVT CCTV Cameras work by capturing video footage in high definition 5MP resolution. This footage can then be used to help identify individuals and objects, and to help prosecute criminals.

What are the Advantages of 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras?

The main advantages of 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras are their high resolution, which allows for clear and detailed images to be captured, and their wide viewing angle, which allows for a large area to be monitored. They are also a cost effective option when compared to other high resolution CCTV cameras.

Who Should Use 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras?

5MP SVT CCTV Cameras are suitable for use in a wide range of security applications, including:

  • Home security
  • Business security
  • Bank security
  • Airport security
  • School security
CCTV security cameras and loudspeakers against and wifi antenna

Video Surveillance and Commercial Grade Cameras

Video surveillance is becoming an increasingly popular security measure for businesses of all sizes. While there are a variety of video surveillance options available, commercial grade cameras offer the best quality and features.

There are a few things to consider when choosing commercial grade cameras for your business. First, you need to decide what type of camera you need. The most common types of commercial grade cameras are fixed or PTZ cameras. Fixed cameras are stationary and can be used to monitor a specific area, while PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom in on specific areas.

Second, you need to consider the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be. Third, you need to decide on the frame rate. The frame rate is the number of images the camera captures per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will be.

Finally, you need to consider the features of the camera. Cameras with features like motion detection and night vision can be more effective in monitoring your business.


The 5MP SVT CCTV Cameras have a pixel resolution of 2560×1920, which results in sharper and clearer images than traditional CCTV Cameras. They are also able to capture videos at a frame rate of 30fps, making them perfect for security applications

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