Smart Cities with Intelligent, Connected Systems | Technology

May 23, 2020by George
SVT has been at the advance of this technology

A pedestrian walking downtown makes a 911 call. What started as a peaceful protest quickly turned into a riot. Police arrive to the area. Officers attempt to identify the instigators from the bystanders and seize weapons that could inflict damage on people or property.

In a traditional city, there may be video surveillance to monitor the high-risk scenario. However, in a smart city, there is real- time information collection, transfer and multi-agency collaboration all working in conjunction to achieve a positive outcome.
Thanks to intelligent solutions, city operations personnel are reaching new levels of true situational awareness. New wearable security devices with IoT connectivity and data streaming capabilities are connecting command centers and first responders so that they are able to assist the injured, collect video evidence for investigation procedures, and send vital information to other response teams.

Advanced thermal traffic sensors with integrated vehicle-to-everything technology are also improving road safety by detecting pedestrians and cyclists and sharing this data with other V2X-enabled vehicles and infrastructure.
Discover strategies that allow you to move away from individual sensors to connected systems that enable smart, efficient cities with shortened response times across the security, public safety and transportation sectors.

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