Commerical and Industrial HD CCTV in New Orleans and Gulf South

May 22, 2020by George
HD CCTV is Powerful, learn why!

HD CCTV is coming to the Security Surveillance Industry full force in 2021.

HD CCTV is perhaps the first new product category in fifteen years to be introduced into the surveillance industry, a new way to provide high resolution on selected cameras while preserving the existing CCTV system backbone.

Prior to the advent of HD CCTV systems, the only way to achieve high-resolution video surveillance was to install IP cameras, which can be very costly and present technical challenges. HD CCTV squeezes new value out of existing CCTV cabling infrastructure. HD CCTV just works bottom-line !!

In an HD CCTV-based system, HDTV signals are transmitted digitally over conventional CCTV media without packetization or any perceivable compression latency. HD CCTV is a zero-training, plug-and-play resolution upgrade for the installed base.

The HD CCTV uses technology from the (Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers) to include the family of video interfaces known as HD-SDI, covering transmission of 720p and 1080p formats, among others, at data rates around 1.5Gb/s, to create derivative standards to enable plug-and-play security systems and equipment that can deliver high-resolution, high-definition (HD) surveillance video with no delays, no image artifacts, or no visible jitter. The same quality as a HD Movie in the theater !!

Security Video Technology has been testing HD CCTV compliant products including cameras, DVR and monitors, all of which are able to form a complete HD CCTV system solution at no packet loss, long transmission and zero delay. We have no doubt that HD CCTV will come to its full bloom in the security industry.
To learn more about HD CCTV contact Security Video Technology (SVT) We have HD CCTV system solutions ready for installation.

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