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March 18, 2021by George

Security Video Technology CCTV Camera and Video Surveillance in Casinos

Security Surveillance CCTV in Gambling Casinos is our Expertise. We at SVT have built over 26 Casinos with HD CCTV Surveillance Cameras. Dealing with Security Surveillance in casinos is a multifaceted task. Not only do you need to safeguard your people, but you need to protect your assets while conforming to often strict gaming regulations. With the added challenges of difficult lighting, high ceilings, as well as your need for capturing the smallest of varying shapes and colors. Security Video Technology is at the forefront.

In an environment that is always open 24/7  in motion and never sleeps, it´s important to have round-the-clock Security Surveillance. Security Video Technology can design a reliable and flexible CCTV solution to give you the opportunity to oversee all areas of your casino without any added hassle.

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Video Surveillance in Casinos

Video surveillance, also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific, limited set of monitors. The term is most often used in reference to security systems in which the cameras are used to monitor human activity.

Casinos have used video surveillance for years as a way to deter and catch criminals who may try to steal money or cheat at games. In recent years, advances in technology have made it possible for casinos to use video surveillance to monitor every aspect of the casino, including the gaming floor, the cashier’s cage, and the employees.

The use of video surveillance in casinos has a number of benefits. First, it helps to deter criminal activity. Criminals are less likely to engage in criminal activity if they know that they are being monitored. Second, video surveillance helps to catch criminals who do commit crimes. Video footage can be used as evidence in court proceedings. Finally, video surveillance can help identify problems and improve security. For example, if a casino observes that a large number of patrons are losing money at a certain game, they may want to investigate to see if the game is rigged.

While video surveillance can be helpful, it can also have negative effects. For example, video surveillance can invade the privacy of casino patrons. Additionally, video footage can be used to track the movements of casino patrons, which could be used for marketing purposes.

Despite the potential negative effects, the benefits of video surveillance generally outweigh the negatives. Video surveillance is a valuable tool for casinos in their efforts to deter and catch criminals.  We understand the importance of monitoring your slot machines, tables, cash handling areas, corridors, entrances and exits, parking lots, and more – all while adhering to rapidly evolving regulations.

Best Security Cameras for Casino and CCTV

Lately, casino security has been a hot topic, as video footage of previous casino robberies has surfaced.  In order to ensure that your casino is as safe as possible, it is important to install the best security cameras available.  Casino security cameras come in a variety of types, so it is important to choose the right type for your casino.

The most common type of casino security camera is the dome camera.  Dome cameras are a good choice for casinos because they are vandal-resistant and can be mounted in high or low-traffic areas.  Another type of camera that can be used in casinos is the PTZ camera.  PTZ cameras are useful for casinos because they can be used to see a large area at once.

Furthermore, they can be used to track movement, which can help to identify potential threats.  Another factor to consider when choosing a casino security camera is the camera’s resolution.  The higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be.  This is important for casinos because it can help to identify criminals and possible threats.  When choosing a security camera for your casino, it is important to consider the camera’s features, as well as its resolution and placement.  SVT has over 20 years experience in serving casinos and the gaming industry.  We are the leading integrator of Video Surveillance and CCTV Camera systems and can help you choose  the right security camera & CCTV systems, you can rest assured that your casino is safe and secure.


A recent study conducted by casino security experts suggests that the use of video surveillance in casinos does not deter criminal activity. The study, which was conducted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, found that while video surveillance does help to identify criminals after the fact, it does not actually prevent criminal activity from taking place.

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