Dams and Levees Across the U.S. Pose Potential Risk New Orleans

December 20, 2022by George

SVT is using Thermal Imaging Technology and Long Range High Definition CCTV Systems to monitor these secure areas along the Gulf Coast

A more than two-year investigation by the Associated Press has found scores of dams and levees around the United States in various states of disrepair, located in areas where a breach might place thousands in danger. These aging dams and levees loom over homes, businesses, highways, or entire communities which could face life-threatening floods if the dams and levees don’t hold. The Association of Safety Officials estimates it would take more than $70 billion to repair and modernize the nation’s more than 90,000 dams and levees.

But unlike much other infrastructure, most U.S. dams are privately owned. In Louisiana along the Mississippi River the levees are in need of serious repair. That makes it difficult for regulators to require improvements from operators who are unable or unwilling to pay the steep costs. Some states declined to provide condition ratings for their dams and levees, claiming exemptions to public record requests.

Having High Technology of Security is Imperative along these areas for safety of the Homeland. Terrorism of any of these could be a catastrophe.

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