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May 23, 2020by George

It is a new era of Social Distancing in America!

Security Video Technology (SVT) Thermal Imaging Solution.  It can be applied in government buildings, banks, schools, restaurants. bars and casinos just to name a few. To enable a safe and smooth working environment Thermal Imaging Temperature CCTV Cameras are the future to doing business in a Social Distancing America.

SVT Thermal Solution measures the body temperature of employees entrances capable of handling thousands of staff flow every day. It measures all entrances of any business to safeguard everyone inside. We don’t know where the virus is? Think about it? That is the scariest part of going out into the public! Who would want to take a chance to go into a business knowing people inside have a FEVER!

Compared to the traditional way of body temperature measurement – a forehead thermometer, using SVT Thermal Imaging Solution can significantly improve speed and accuracy, and at the same time, help reduce cross-infection via non-contact measurement.  This contactless thermometer helps stop the spread of the Corona Virus and helps keep your people, property, and other assets secure.

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Thermal Imaging Temperature Check Fact:

To measure the temperature of 5,000 people, it will take about 5 hours using a manual forehead thermometer, as it takes at least 3 seconds to measure each person.

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