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May 23, 2020by George

To track the Chinese Virus, Russia is tracking faces.

Moscow is using facial recognition technology and “unpleasant” police raids to enforce a coronavirus quarantine on thousands of people who have traveled there from China. Their compliance has been tracked by CCTV cameras to make sure they’re abiding by the mandate. A strong tradition of mathematical education and extensive government interest and investment in the sector have made Russia a world leader in artificial intelligence.

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Who Is The World Leader In Artificial Intelligence?

There is no single leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), as the technology is rapidly evolving and expanding. However, some countries and companies are leaders in specific aspects of AI development.

The United States has been a leading country in AI research and development for many years. Major American companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are all heavily invested in AI, and the U.S. military is also exploring the potential applications of AI in warfare.

China is also a major player in the world of AI. The Chinese government has made it a priority to develop AI and has poured billions of dollars into research and development. Chinese companies such as Baidu and Tencent are also at the forefront of AI innovation.

One Of The Leading Countries in Artificial Intelligence to Identify COVID 19 cases and more!

Today, Russia is one of the only countries in the world that produces its own, with Russia-based firms selling their solutions to governments and businesses in Latin America and the Middle East.  Under Safe City, cameras installed in key public places including the metro, apartment building entrances and train stations scan crowds against a database of wanted individuals. When resemblances are detected, the police are notified. Thermal Imaging along with Facial Recognition Cameras are the FUTURE!!
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