Crime In New Orleans | HD CCTV for Retail Industry

May 22, 2020by George

Crime is starting to get out of control in the New Orleans area.

The city of New Orleans is almost like a War Zone more die sometimes in a day than Iraq. For years New Orleans is considered the top in murder in the USA.

Armed robberies and home invasions are becoming daily news stories.
Having a CCTV surveillance system is great but cutting corners and buying cheap Wal Mart/Sam’s Club online Chinese equipment is not the answer. When your business or family member is at death risk with a gun pointed at them do you want 10 cent video footage to show the police to help find the person or people responsible???

Watching the video footage lately on the news makes me want to laugh out loud at the companies selling the cheap junk made in China equipment to people.
Cheap is never better when your entire business or family is under siege from a robbery or invasion.

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