CCTV Crime Cameras

May 22, 2020by George
CCTV is a proven crime fighting tool – here is why!
CCTV is a proven crime fighting tool. Without CCTV surveillance camera footage the Muslim terrorist in the September 11, 2001 world trade center plane bombings would have never been identified!!
Knowing that there is an extra set of eyes watching helps to reassure people that they will be safe. CCTV also acts as an important set of eyes for the police, providing valuable evidence where incidents occur. They will help deter, not only serious offenses, but also the nuisances – vandalism, graffiti and litter that seriously undermine people’s quality of life.”
When cameras are properly targeted, they can deter offenders, reduce the level of crime and increase the feeling of safety. CCTV can often provide invaluable evidence that leads to the identification of offenders and in turn can save the police valuable time during the investigative process. Evidence has shown that CCTV systems deter property crimes and robberies plus violent crimes such as rape and aggravated assault.
Fortunately in most situations, when a CCTV system is in place, criminals generally shy away from these monitored areas fearing prosecution since these recorded images can be used in court.

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